The final results of the photo competition. The photograph 'The Circle of Life' wins the third edition.

On 29 September, the third edition of the community festival came to a close with the award ceremony for the winning photographs of the competition dedicated to the theme 'beginning and end'. The three jury prizes and the special prize of the popular jury (most popular photograph voted by the public) were awarded in the presence of the winners, all of whom live on the peninsula and are connected remotely via videoconference.

The photo that received the most votes from the public, with more than 2,000 preferences, was Leandro Piccini's shot 'Flowering crocuses', which captures 'the end of snow and the beginning of spring'.

The jury awarded third place to Elisa Bresciani for her photograph 'The Seasons of Feeling', described by the author as follows: 'I greeted the beginning and end of a year by visiting the big oak tree near my home. The beginning and end of a mood coincided with that of the season. The work is a photomontage of two self-portraits: it was necessary for me to represent the theme'.

The jury awarded the third prize with this motivation: "The use of the double exposure technique succeeds in focusing the theme well, expressing it with formal correctness and effectiveness'.


Second place was awarded to Emanuela Baioni for the shot 'See you around': 'Not a farewell but a goodbye. The road has been travelled, the climb has been made and now the subject can finally immerse himself in the light and freedom of the sea..."

The jury awarded the second prize with this motivation: "In an expressionistic atmosphere, the adherence to the theme emerges, represented with a skilful use of the silhouette and with a focus on formal elements that enhance the value of the photo'.


The winner of the third edition of the photography competition is Cristiano Zingale with the photograph 'The Circle of Life', taken - as described by the author - during the Camino de Santiago: 'It is usually recommended to carry a light rucksack to be able to face the walk, only my camera and lenses weighed 2.5 kg. Precisely for this reason I took very few photos, it was a lot of effort to take it out of the backpack and capture a few moments. The instant of this photo was one of the few times when, despite my tiredness, I made the effort: it was emblematic for me the image of this little girl playing in the most absolute and peaceful way among these gravestones.

The jury awarded the first prize with this motivation: "Remarkable ability to render the theme effectively through a clean and precise composition. It captures the moment with an original look, reinforced by a good use of black and white'.

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