The first edition of the community festival: 'MAN and NATURE

The first edition of the community festival: 'MAN and NATURE'.

Conceived and planned at a time of great uncertainty due to the incidence of measures aimed at countering the spread of covid-19 even during public events, the festival has instead made it possible to bring participation in very different cultural events to the centre of village life and, at the same time, to promote various moments of aggregation.

The cultural event was rich in events: the days spent observing the art of Mauro Patta and Andrea Casciu in the realisation of the mural on the festival theme, the jazz of Zoe Pia and Cettina Donato in the enchanting setting of the Pinna-Spada house, the music of Andrea Puxeddu, the interesting conference-debate on the relationship between man and nature in terms of history and musicology, the evening dedicated to stargazing with the guidance of the Sardinian astrophiliac association, and the pleasant evenings dedicated to theatre and cinema.

Finally, one cannot forget the first edition of the photography competition on the festival theme, also enriched by the exhibition of shots by Sergio Manias, an artist from Curcuris who passed away several years ago, portraying the themes of the relationship between man and nature in the rural setting of a Marmilla village in the 1980s.

The festival filled the village's summer, unfolding in July, August and September in weekly participatory events that enlivened the Curcuris community.


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