International photography competition

Photo Contest 2023

The competition is open to competitors of any nationality

Competition theme: 'BEGINNING AND END'.

The third edition of the festival, dedicated to the theme 'BEGINNING AND END', will focus on a series of cultural events in the central part of August 2023. The theme deliberately recalls the cyclical nature of the relationship between beginning and end in an era, the present one, in which every phenomenon of life is in such rapid and constant change that it sometimes questions the trail that separates a beginning from an end and sometimes exalts its repetition.

Comunu de Crucuris Provìntzia de Aristanis Bia de Cresia, n.14 09090 CRUCURIS (OR)

Municipality of Curcuris Province of Oristano Via Chiesa, n. 14 09090 CURCURIS

Announcement and competition rules

Community Festival 2023



Photography exhibition


Nota Bene

The following text has been drafted in various languages in an effort to make it perfectly compliant with the original announcement in the Italian language; however, we decline all responsibility in the event of translation defects or ambiguities in the other languages and for any misunderstandings that may arise as a result of their interpretation, inviting you to refer exclusively to the Original announcement in Italian for any formal use.

Municipality of Curcuris
Province of Oristano
Church Street, no. 14

Community Festival 2023 3rd edition 'BEGINNING AND ENDING

PUBLIC NOTICE Competition - photography exhibition


The competition - photography exhibition is part of the broader context of a festival that, in addition to photography, includes other forms of expression gathered around the theme 'BEGINNING AND END'.
The locution 'BEGINNING AND ENDING' embraces the dimension of becoming both on the level of dichotomy (of dualism) and on the level of continuity and mixture between what is beginning and what is end.

The subject is broad and heterogeneous, and has been approached from various study perspectives, both philosophical and more strictly scientific, as well as scrutinised from various viewpoints that are difficult to contain in a rigid list.

The initiative aims, through photography, to investigate the relationship between beginning and end on an artistic level.


1. Participation in the competition is free of charge and open to professional photographers and photography enthusiasts over 18 years of age, including those who are not residents of the municipality of Curcuris.
2. Each participant may submit a maximum of two photographs.


All photographs submitted must have been photographed by the author, who must therefore retain full and original authorship and ownership.
Only photographs with the following general characteristics are allowed:
(a) b/w and colour format;
(b) without visible signatures, watermarks or marks on the image;
(c) photos that do not offend according to the sensibilities and unquestionable judgement of the organisers; and

of the jury.
Photographs must be suitable for printing on a 70×100 cm format

(vertical or horizontal framing) with the following technical characteristics: JPEG format (.jpg), minimum 300 dpi or higher and a native resolution between 17 and 32 mega pixels (e.g. from 4800x3600px to 6900x4600px): exceptionally, photographs with a lower resolution with an absolute minimum of 12 mega pixels may be evaluated. Please adjust the depth/colour of the file so that it has a maximum size of 31 MB as larger files may not be loaded correctly by the online capture system.
The original photograph must be representative of the theme "BEGINNING AND END" in accordance with the preamble and art. 4 of this Notice. The use of photomontages and digital retouching is admitted, at the Jury's sole discretion, only as a supplementary, enhancing and enrichment measure.
Photographs made exclusively with the use of computer graphics programmes or models are not permitted.
6. The Jury may, if necessary, justifiably ask the participants, who must reply under penalty of exclusion from the competition within the deadline indicated by the Jury, for any information or document useful to verify compliance with this Notice.


Only photographs relating to the theme "BEGINNING and END" as specified in the foreword to this notice are allowed. The material must therefore represent the theme of the notice by capturing elements of the relationship between beginning and end according to the author's sensitivity.
By way of illustration only and by no means exhaustive, since the representation of the theme 'BEGINNING AND ENDING' is left to the free interpretation of the participants, some examples of macro-tracks of the theme in question are given:
d) beginning and end: the cycle of nature and human life;
(e) social and cultural phenomena and transformations over time, between beginning and end;
(f) change of spaces (places and landscapes) between beginning and end;
g) artistic sensibilities and fashions to the test of time between beginning and end.

Images can be submitted from 5 June 2023 until 23 July 2023 via the digital platform directly accessible at

The candidate, when accessing the "photo competition" section, must proceed under penalty of

forfeiture: a) upon pre-registration/registration, after filling in all the fields required by the telematic procedure (personal details, privacy etc.) b) upon uploading

of photographic works (with the technical characteristics set out in article 3 of this Notice), in the maximum number of no. 2 works (to be uploaded through two separate insertion operations), also filling in for each photograph the fields required by the telematic procedure, specifically: name and surname

author, title of the photographic work, explanatory description of the content of the work

and its meaning.

Submission of non-readable files will result in exclusion from the competition.
Information or clarifications on the notice can be requested by contacting the

offices at the e-mail box or or telephone numbers: 348-8136338 or 0783-91751 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
The Municipality of Curcuris accepts no responsibility for any problem or circumstance that may inhibit the running or participation in the competition, including any technical and/or technological problems.

Up to a maximum of 30 photographs from among those submitted will be exhibited.
The choice of photographs to be exhibited will be entrusted to a jury to be identified with

measure following the publication of this notice, which will express a

unappealable and unquestionable judgement.
Subject to the provisions of Articles 8 ff. of this notice, the Jury shall proceed

first to assess the admissibility of the works received in accordance with the terms set out in Articles 3, 4 and 5 of this notice and, subsequently, to select the works to be exhibited, taking into account, at its sole discretion, the adherence to the theme of the competition as indicated in the preamble and the quality of the works.
There is no provision at this stage of exhibition eligibility to assign a grade to individual photographs.
The work of the jury will be supervised by a secretary, chosen from among the municipal employees and excluded from the vote, who will draw up a special report.

The photographs selected in accordance with art. 6 will be exhibited for at least fifteen days in the courtyard of the historic house owned by the municipality, 'Casa eredi Pilloni', located in Curcuris, via Chiesa no. 1
The costs for printing and setting up the exhibition are borne entirely by the organising body.

Once the works have been exhibited, a Jury, to be identified by a decision following the publication of this notice, will assign an unquestionable and unappealable score for each photograph.
The work will be assessed on the basis of creativity, originality, photographic quality and effectiveness in communicating and representing the theme of this notice.
Prizes will be awarded to the first three photographs with the highest score.
The work of the Jury - both when admitting the submitted works and when assessing them - will be supervised by a secretary chosen from among the

municipal employees, excluded from the vote.
Each visitor will be able to express via the web via the telematics platform https://, "photography competition" section, or in person at the physical location where the photographs are exhibited, one vote for only one photograph among those on display.
A prize will be awarded to the photograph that receives the most votes from the public by adding up the votes cast for the individual work on the web platform and on location. The vote cast in the web platform is worth 1/3 of that cast in the physical location where the photographs are exhibited. Online voting will be active on the web platform https:// from 1 August 2023 until 10 September 2023.


The prizes consist of: 1st prize: EUR 400.00; 2nd prize: EUR 300.00; 3rd prize: EUR 200.00; prize for the photograph most voted by the public: EUR 250.00 (all prizes are to be understood as gross of withholding taxes due by law).
The prizes must be collected personally by the winners or, if they are prevented from doing so, by a person delegated by them.

Each participant is civilly and criminally liable for the material he or she submits to the competition and in this sense undertakes to exclude the Municipality of Curcuris, the organiser of the competition, from any liability towards third parties.
Under no circumstances may the images submitted contain data that can be qualified as sensitive. Each participant also declares that he/she is the sole author of the images submitted and that they have not been awarded prizes in other regional, national or international competitions and that they do not infringe on the rights of third parties.
The organisers reserve the right to exclude from the competition and not to publish photos that do not comply in form and subject matter with the provisions of this Notice, or with commonly recognised rules of public morality, ethics and decency. Images deemed offensive, improper and harmful to human and social rights will not be admitted.

The photographs selected within the framework of this notice must be free of all rights and may be used by the Municipality of Curcuris, which will dispose of them within the framework of its institutional competences and activities, always using them on a non-profit basis.
The author shall cede the rights to use the images free of charge and without limit to the Municipality of Curcuris, which may publish and disseminate the images in magazines, newspapers, websites and on any other media support, provided that it is non-profit-making, with the sole obligation to mention the author or authors of the photographs each time. Under no circumstances may the Municipality of
Curcuris may assign the photographs in the competition to third parties for any reason whatsoever.

be part of the municipal photographic archive.

No remuneration will be paid for such use of the images.
Photographers will retain intellectual property rights to the works they create.
In accordance with the provisions laid down in EU Reg. 679/2016 on 'protection

of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data" (GDPR), we inform you that the data provided by the candidates are collected at the Municipality of Curcuris and processed exclusively for the purpose of managing the same. By participating in this notice, pursuant to Law 196/2003 as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018 and EU Reg. 679/2016 (GDPR), candidates authorise the organisers to process, including electronically, their personal data and to use them for all uses related to the notice. The explicit authorisation to use personal data (Annex B) is mandatory for participation in the Notice.

1. Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in this notice.

Curcuris, 8 May 2023 The person in charge of the procedure Dr Simona Garau