Some previews of the third edition of the community festival.

The third edition of the festival, dedicated to the theme 'BEGINNING AND END', will focus on a series of cultural events in the central part of August 2023. 

The theme deliberately recalls the cyclical nature of the relationship between beginning and end in an era, the present one, in which every phenomenon of life is in such rapid and constant change that it sometimes questions the trail that separates a beginning from an end and sometimes exalts its repetition.

Conceived along the lines of previous editions, during the festival events the relationship between beginning and end will be scrutinised from the perspective of photography, thought and debate with the participation - as in previous editions - of personalities from the world of academia and culture and, finally, the theme will be represented through film and music. 

Also new for the 2023 edition is a web space entirely dedicated to the festival, which will allow the public to be kept up-to-date with news about the events and online visitors to interact and vote on the competing photographs. 

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