"ANCIENT and MODERN' at the heart of the 2022 edition of the Curcuris Community Festival

"ANCIENT and MODERN' at the heart of the 2022 edition of the Curcuris Community Festival.

The second edition of the festival took as its starting point one of the themes that is often most keenly felt in Curcuris, namely the relationship between ancient and modern.

It is often believed that modernity has a hard time penetrating small rural realities far from large urban centres. Instead, it is precisely in these realities that it is possible to appreciate the practical interaction between the ancient and the modern and to experience the balancing act of modernity's impact on daily life thanks, first and foremost, to the simple proximity to nature and the attachment to a socio-cultural identity strongly linked to historical practices related to the surrounding environment (agriculture and animal husbandry, for example).

In the second edition, the programme was again full of events, all held in the square of the 'heirs Pilloni' house in the historic centre of the village of Curcuris: the meeting on the subject of mental health and the situation of related health services, theatre, the enthralling jazz of the 'Hobby Horse', the music of Andrea Puxeddu, the interesting convention-debate on production knowledge and historical practices in central Sardinia, and the evenings dedicated to cinema.

The photography exhibition was received by the public with great appreciation not only for the quality of the participants' works but also for the variety of visions of the theme proposed by the competing images. In addition, the exhibition of Benedetta Marcia's photographs 'Anxiety and its Aesthetics', set up in a small historic building in the city centre and entirely dedicated to the artist's photographs, amazed visitors with its rawness and depth.

The historic village centre, adorned by the photographs on virtually permanent display, became the venue for a weekly appointment for citizens to follow the festival events in the summer of 2022.

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